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Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Once achieved, it shows colleges, employers, and your community that you’re out there changing the world.

Join a century of women who have done big things. Learn about scholarships for Gold Award Girl Scouts, the history of the Gold Award, and the benefits of going Gold. 

Girl Scout Gold Award pin
Girl Scout Gold Award pin
Girl Scout Gold Award pin
You can pursue your Girl Scout Gold Award if:

You're in high school (ninth through twelfth grade, or equivalent) 


You're registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Girl Scout Ambassador


You have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and completed a Journey

Gold Award Workshop

Before you do anything...

  Attend or Watch the Gold Award Workshop

This workshop is great for girls, parents, and leaders! The workshop can be completed in two ways:

  • In person: Check eBiz for upcoming workshops.
  • Online: Watch the video below. You must complete this online evaluation afterward to be counted as having completed the course. Download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation and follow along.


Steps to Gold Award

Identify an issue


Investigate your issue thoroughly


Get help and build your team


Create a plan


Present your plan and gather feedback 


Take action


Educate and inspire


Having issues? Download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader DC tool to help solve viewability.

From Good to Gold...

Looking for some help on writing your Gold Award proposal? Attend the highly recommended (but optional) From Good to Gold: Tips for Gold Award Proposals Workshop! Register on eBiz.

At a Roadblock?

If at any time during the course of your project you think you may have hit a bump in the road, please do not hesitate to contact the Gold Award Committee at

Click here to request a 10-minute time slot to present or discuss your project with the Gold Award Committee. The deadline to submit your request is the Friday before the committee meeting. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

The Benefits of Earning Your Gold Award

Gold Award Girl Scouts do well in life! They rate their general success significantly higher than their peers and report greater success in reaching their goals in many areas.

Higher education and career

  • Distinguish yourself in the college admissions process
  • Earn college scholarships
  • Enter the military one rank higher

Life skills

  • Be seen as a role model and distinguished leader
  • Master time management skills
  • Make the world a better place


  • Use your vision for change
  • Tackle an issue, locally or globally
  • Establish a lifetime network
  • Create your community legacy with a sustainable solution to a problem

Source:  Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Impact Study, a report from the Girl Scout Research Institute, 2012.

National Gold Award Girl Scout

The National Gold Award Girl Scout is an honor given yearly to ten Senior and Ambassador Girl Scout Gold Award recipients nationally whose final projects demonstrated extraordinary leadership, had a measurable and sustainable impact, and addressed a local challenge that related to a national and/or global issue.

Girl Scouts who would like their councils to consider nominating them as a National Gold Award Girl Scout must submit an application using Go Gold Online. Councils then select their top three Gold Award recipients. GSUSA then ensures a rigorous review process, during which each application is reviewed at least three to five times: first by GSUSA staff, then by an external panel of trusted partners, and finally through an intense, in-house staff review of the top candidates. Once the list is narrowed down through this review process, GSUSA's internal NGAGS team selects the top ten.

Current National Gold Award Girl Scout:


Past GSCTX National Gold Award Girl Scouts:
2017 Devika Kumar
2013 Mandy Justiz

2018 Gold Award Yearbook
Girl Scout Gold Award pin
Girl Scout Gold Award pin





Want to shout your Gold Award project from the rooftops? We do too! Let us hear your story by filling out a quick questionnaire.