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Dark Skies

Dark skies are an important natural resource, and Girl Scouts needs your help to protect them! See first-hand the effects of light pollution and discover how you can make changes to reduce light pollution. 

Dark Skies patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)


What is a pollinator? Why are they important? Complete the Pollinators patch program to find out! You can help take care of these essential beings and give back to pollinators by taking action in your community. 

Pollinators patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)


Gain a deeper understanding of the connections between humans and the natural environment and learn how some of your everyday actions affect the world around you. 

Sustainability patch program (English) (PDF)

Resilient. Ready. Strong.

Life isn’t always easy but dealing with tricky emotions doesn’t have to be so hard. Try activities from the Girl Scouts: Resilient. Ready. Strong. program to unlock a patch and strengthen your mental wellness. 

Resilient. Ready. Strong. patch program (English) (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

H-E-B Health and Wellness

Support a holistic image of a healthy Girl Scout as you pursue different avenues to experience health, happiness, and fun with friends.

Daisy patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

Brownie patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

Junior patch program English (PDF) 

Cadette patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)


Wells Fargo Financial Literacy

Every girl is a part of the future of our economy. Practice and gain confidence in your financial decision-making. 

Wells Fargo Financial Literacy patch program (English) (PDF)

Explore Austin

From animals to the arts, moon towers to murals, and science to swimming, you’ll find that and more in Austin. Get out and explore!

Special thanks to Girl Scout Cadettes and Seniors from Zilker Day Camp, with help from Brownie Troop 44623, for their contributions to developing this patch.

Explore Austin patch program (English) (PDF)


Explore Bryan/College Station

Discover some of the fun, unique places in Bryan/College Station and experience what makes our area special.

Explore Bryan/College Station patch program (English) (PDF)

Explore Fredericksburg

Hiking, history, farms, and more! Explore the wide variety of activities Fredericksburg has to offer.

Explore Fredericksburg patch program (English) (PDF)

VentureLab Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies; it is a skillset and a way of thinking. Innovate, create, and practice skills that could help you build a business or identify new opportunities in everyday life.

Daisy patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

Brownie patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

Junior patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

Take Care of Texas

Engage in this statewide campaign led by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to conserve water and energy, keep our air and water clean, and reduce waste.

Take Care of Texas patch program (English) (PDF)

They Are My Friends

They Are My Friends is an adult-led patch program that invites conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion with Girl Scouts. Together, groups will explore inclusivity, the value of each person in society, and discover the confidence to stand up for what is right.

They Are My Friends patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)


Stand Against Racism

Girl Scouts stands against racism and pledges to work for a just society for all. As Girl Scouts, we are required to "be a sister of every Girl Scout" and "to make the world a better place". Girls will learn how to focus their efforts to fight the racism that exists in our society.

Stand Against Racism patch program English (PDF) / En Español (PDF)

March: Women of the World

Women have made creations, inventions, and changes to society that have affected our overall world and made it a better place, just as we are called to do as Girl Scouts. March is Women’s History Month, so let’s get to know some amazing women that have changed the world and let them inspire you.