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Don’t let your Girl Scout membership expire!

New exciting adventures and opportunities to connect await.

Think of all the adventures you’ve been on together, the stories you’ve shared, and the challenges you’ve overcome. Your Girl Scout crew truly is something special. Sign up for another year today and keep the magic going.

Questions about membership renewal?
Check out our FAQs or contact us

myGS Login Instructions

1. To login to your account, visit MyGS

2. Enter your username (the email address used to register you or your Girl Scout with Girl Scouts of Central Texas). You may be prompted to create a new password. If you can’t remember your password, click Forgot your password?

3. If you forgot your password, you will be prompted to enter your username. This is your Girl Scout email address. Click Continue.  

4. You should receive an email with the subject Password Reset soon after. The email will provide a link to create a new password. Be sure to double check your spam folder, if email is not seen in your main inbox. If you do not receive this email, please contact customer care.  

Follow along with visual instructions for logging in.

Household Renewal Instructions

Household Renewal Information:

  • Primary Caregivers of a household are able to renew adult and youth memberships as well as add new youth and adult memberships to the household at any time. 
  • During renewal season (April 1–⁠September 30), new renewal options and rewards are available. Make sure to renew during this time period to make sure your Girl Scout troop memberships stay current and active. 

Families can renew their memberships for the upcoming Girl Scout year by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into MyGS, navigate to My Account, then My Household. Here you will see a list of your household members and their participation.
  2. Check the select all boxes for both girls and adults in your household. You can uncheck any troops or roles that you are not continuing with for the next membership year.
  3. Click Add Renewal.
  4. On the next screen, confirm details for your household members are all correct.
  • Choose the next membership year and select your desired payment type.

Financial assistance is available for annual membership renewal. It is not available for Lifetime Memberships.

  • Click Submit Member Details.

Follow along with visual instructions for renewing:

Troop Renewal Instructions

Troop Renewal Information:

  • During renewal season (April 1–September 30), troop leaders can renew troop members for the next membership year. Make sure to renew during this time period to make sure your Girl Scout troop memberships stay current and active. 
  • Many troops choose to use troop funds to pay for their annual memberships for both youth and adult troop members. This is not only okay—it’s encouraged! It's encouraged to ensure all Girl Scouts can continue, honor all families' contributions to the troop's success, and ensure all Girl Scouts get the same renewal benefits to enjoy together.

MyGS Troop Renewal Instructions:

  1. Log into MyGS, navigate to My Account, then My Troop(s). Here you will see a list of youth and adult members in your troop. If you lead multiple troops, you will complete the steps below for each troop.
  2. Check the select all boxes for both youth and adults in your troop. You can uncheck the boxes next to any members who you are not planning to renew. (Do this for any members who plan to renew on their own or for those you are unsure about renewing at this time). You can also uncheck boxes next to any volunteer roles that adults in your troop are not planning to continue to hold next year.
  3. If a member of your troop does not intend to renew for the coming year, check the Not Returning checkbox.
  4. Select the green button labeled Renew on the left under Member Details.
  5. Choose the membership and payment type for each participant.
  6. Next, you will be prompted to review your cart and accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Make sure the correct number of youth and volunteers you wish to renew are in your cart and check the box I agree to the Girl Scout Promise and Law on the bottom of the page on the right. Once this is complete you will be able to select Add Payment Details.
  7. Finally, complete the payment steps for the troop by entering your credit card information under payment then click submit payment.
  8. You’ve successfully renewed your troop! You’ll receive an email confirmation after your renewal has been processed.