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One volunteer teaching another how to shoot a bow and arrow


Welcome to our Girl Scouts of Central Texas Training page. Here you'll find everything you need to get trained:

Para entrenamientos de voluntarios en español visite nuestra página web en español.

About gsLearn

gsLearn is a digital platform that empowers learners to complete training when and where works best for them. Both Girl Scouts of Central Texas training courses as well as GSUSA courses are available online covering a variety of topics. Girl Scouts councils who have migrated their online learning to gsLearn gain access to nationally consistent training content (with more trainings being offered all the time!) and can also host their own training resources on the same site.

How do I access gsLearn?

In most cases, every registered adult member with a completed membership registration for the current membership year can access gsLearn.

1. From the GSCTX Homepage, click on "myGS" on the green navigational bar at the top right of the page

2. Login to myGS using the same username and password used to register or renew Girl Scout memberships for yourself, your family members, and/or your troop members

3. If you're not already there, go to "My Account" by clicking the gold button at the top of the screen

4. Select “gsLearn” along the lefthand navigational bar

5. After agreeing to the terms and conditions in the pop-up window, you will have access to gsLearn

Welcome to gsLearn Training Course - Take this first

The 578 Welcome to gsLearn course provides a short overview of gsLearn, the Girl Scouts online learning platform, and includes navigational tips. First time gsLearn users will be directed to take this course before beginning any other course, but it will be available in the Content Library to re-take at any time.  Disponible en Español

What training should I take in gsLearn?

Troop Leaders: We have built a learning path in gsLearn as part of the Troop Leader Training plan composed of a set of training courses specifically for troop leaders called 578 Essential Troop Leader Training. Troop leaders should take these training courses to be considered trained for their volunteer role.

Troop Volunteers: Troop volunteers will find courses and learning paths specific to their role for Troop Treasurers and Troop Fall Products Coordinators.

Service Unit Volunteers: Service unit volunteers will find many new courses in the Content Library, feel free to check them out! There are courses for service unit position level trainings including Service Unit Fall Products Manager training, Brand Ambassador 101 for Volunteers, Developing & Growing the Service Unit Team, and Effective Meetings.

If you have questiosn about what training you should take for your role at GSCTX, please don't hesitate to ask us!

How do I self-assign courses and learning paths in gsLearn?

You can access gsLearn by logging into your myGS account. myGS can be found on  the right hand side of our website in the green navigational header bar. (Your user id will be your email.) Once you are in myGS, gsLearn can be found on the left side of the screen. Once in gsLearn, you can click on the Content Library on the left-hand navigation bar and assign yourself any course or learning path that interests you. The Content Library has lots of courses and we are adding more all the time so check it periodically. You can take courses whenever you want and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

How do I find out more about gsLearn or get assistance?

If you have additional questions about gsLearn, some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found on our council FAQ page.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to us, we are happy to help!



Troop Leader Training

So you want to volunteer as a troop leader? We’re so excited to have you! Here’s what you need to know about getting started and trained in your new Girl Scout role.

How do I access the 578 Essential Troop Leader Training learning path?

1. Before you start changing the world with your girls, you need to  complete the registration process , including getting a criminal background check, and then complete the 578 Essential Troop Leader Learning Path via gsLearn.

2. Complete the 578 Essential Troop Leader Training learning path via gsLearn. This learning path consists of a curated set of courses troop leaders should take to be considered trained in their volunteer role. New troop leaders should complete these trainings within the first three months of being in this role.

a. To access the 578 Essential Troop Leader Training learning path in gsLearn:

i. Log into myGS and select gsLearn.

ii. Click Content Library on the left navigation bar.

iii. Click on Learning Paths.

iv. Select 578 Essential Troop Leader Training.

v. If it’s the first time you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to take the Welcome to gsLearn course.

3. Complete CPR/First Aid Training. This training is not a part of the 578 Essential Troop Leader Training learning path on gsLearn but is required and should be completed in-person through a qualified provider. 

What training courses are included in the 578 Essential Troop Leader Training learning path?

GSCTX Orientation: This course provides new volunteers with an overview of Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

GSUSA Volunteer Toolkit – Troop Leader View: The Volunteer Toolkit is your official source for delivering easy, fun troop meetings year-round! With this step-by-step guide, you can start your troop year strong and spend more time adventuring with your Girl Scouts!

578 Let’s Go! 1 – Out & About: This training course is required for any activity or day trip outside of a regular troop meeting. This course prepares volunteers to lead girls on adventures including field trips, basic day hikes, and simple overnights in buildings with their own heat source, electricity, and running water. The course is the pre-requisite to additional Let's Go! Training Courses.

GSUSA Brand Ambassador 101 for Volunteers: Girl Scouts is evolving to meet today’s girls’ needs. We’ve designed this onboarding video to bring you up-to-speed with our brand.

GSUSA Managing My Troops from My Account: This course demonstrates how troop leaders can manage troop and troop member information from My Account. It also demonstrates how leaders can complete registration activities for troop members.

578 Money Manager: This training is highly recommended for anyone planning to be a signer or co-signer on a troop or service unit bank account. Money earning guidelines are also covered in this training.

578 VTK Finance Tab Volunteer Training: This course covers what you need to know to use the VTK Finance tab to prepare your year-end financial report.

CPR/First Aid Training Information

A first-aider is an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout-approved first-aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for child CPR. All in-person troop meeting and troop activities must have at least one adult volunteer in attendance that is first-aid/CPR-certified.

Qualified Providers for CPR/AED & First Aid training:
Note: First Aid/CPR classes completed entirely online do not satisfy Girl Scout requirements for certification and do not offer enough opportunity to practice and receive feedback on technique.

What if I'm a health care provider with medical training? 
The following health care providers may serve as Girl Scout First-Aiders if they hold current CPR certification:

  • physician
  • physician's assistant
  • dentist
  • nurse practitioner
  • registered nurse
  • licensed practical nurse
  • paramedic
  • military medic
  • emergency medical technician
Are there other trainings a troop leader should take?

Jumpstart Training: Meet with experienced volunteers in the neighborhood or area you're living in. Service unit volunteers provide practical information about getting your troop started and the local resources available to you. If you're unsure who to contact, please contact us.

Let’s Go 2: This training course is required for troops that want to build a campfire at any camping activity where the facility has running water and electricity. This course trains volunteers to build fires, cook a simple one-pot meal, and make s'mores. There are two versions available - a new one hour online course which can be found in gsLearn and an in-person course. In-person courses can be found by searching our Event TrainingsGuía de autoestudio disponible en español.

Let’s Go 3: This training course is required for primitive camping at a facility/location without running water and electricity (e.g. tent camping). This class trains volunteers to expand their horizons and move out of buildings and into the outdoors. Participants will learn the eight basic camping skills, how to include the girls in planning, budgeting, packing for an overnight trip, safety, fire-building, cooking, sanitation, and many other activities. In-person courses can be found by searching our Event Trainings.  Guía de autoestudio disponible en español.

Let’s Go Extra Mile: This gsLearn course is required for troops traveling for more than two nights/three days, as well as nationally or internationally. It prepares the girls and their advisors to explore beyond their local region. The course provides more information about budgeting for larger trips, how to plan accommodations and travel, and other pertinent information.



Service Unit Training

So you are volunteering at the service unit level? Thank you for your dedication to Girl Scouts! Here is what you need to know about getting started and trained in your Girl Scout service unit role:

How do I access service unit training on gsLearn?

1. Make sure to complete the registration process, including getting a criminal background check, and submit the SU Roster Update form to sign the volunteer position description for your role.

2. Check out the Service Unit Training learning path in gsLearn for courses specific to high-level service unit roles.

a. To access the Service Unit Training learning path in gsLearn:

i. Log into myGS and select gsLearn.

ii. Click Content Library on the left navigation bar.

iii. Click on Learning Paths.

iv. Select 578 Service Unit Training.

v. If it’s the first time you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to take the Welcome to gsLearn course.

3. Check in with your Volunteer Support Specialist and Community Recruitment Specialist to plan out a fantastic year for your service unit.

What training courses are available for service unit volunteers?

Service Unit Leadership trainings: These courses will be updated and released in the fall of 2022 for the service unit director, registrar, treasurer, and lead positions.

How to Conduct a Jumpstart Training: Jumpstart training is designed to introduce new troop leaders to service unit specific practices, expectations, traditions, and information. This training provides service unit leaders with the resources needed to conduct this training successfully.

Service Unit Suite of Tools: Overview of all of the tools Service Unit Volunteers can utilize to be effective in their role. Topics include, Customer Care, gsLearn, Looker, Forms, Brand information, Doubleknot, gsEvents and the Volunteer Toolkit.

GSUSA Brand Ambassador 101 Volunteers: Girl Scouts is evolving to meet today’s girls’ needs. We’ve designed this onboarding video to bring you up-to-speed with our brand.

GSUSA Service Unit Training – Developing & Growing the SU Team: This course provides guidance on building a strong Service Unit team of dedicated volunteers who work together to support the success of your Service Unit.

GSUSA Service Unit Training – Effective Meetings: Service Unit meetings are a crucial part of communication with troop leaders. This course will support you in building meetings that accomplish your goals and keep your troop leaders informed.

GSUSA Service Unit Training – Leading Effective Digital Meetings: Service Unit meetings are crucial- even when you can’t meet in person. This course will review the basic tools and best practices for making your digital meetings a success.

GSUSA Service Unit Training – Goal Setting and Planning: Designed for Service Unit leadership and volunteers involved in planning the Service Unit’s goals and objectives for the membership year, this course will provide a basic understanding of the planning process, including what you’ll need, how to gather the right people, and how to develop goals that will support growth in your Service Unit.



Additional Training Courses

While not an exhaustive list, here are some additional online training options GSCTX has available. Additional courses may be found in gsLearn in the searchable "Content Library."

Chaperone Training

Chaperone Course is an online mini course that covers safety, roles, and responsibilities for adults traveling with the troop. This course is not required unless stipulated by the troop leader or Service Unit.  Guía de autoestudio disponible en español.

Youth Protection Training

Girl Scouts is devoted to the well-being of children through safe, positive camp experiences. GSCTX complies with Texas State Law by providing curriculum that focuses on prevention of sexual abuse and child molestation for persons who work at youth camps in the State of Texas. 

We also want to provide this training as a resource to our volunteers who regularly interact with children through Girl Scouting.

This training is not required for GSCTX volunteers at this time. It is an additional resource to our volunteers.

GSCTX Youth Protection Training

Train-the-Trainer - Teaching STEM Badges

With our new STEM badges and journeys, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to guide your troop, you only have to show them how science, technology, engineering, and math is woven throughout their everyday lives. As you help your girls discover the way STEM connects to their own interests and passions, you can show them the first step to becoming an engineer, a scientist, or a programmer, is simply to think like one.

Click on an image below to begin the training.

Citizen Scientist Journey
Computer Science
GSCTX Delegate Training

Please refer to the Delegates page to access GSCTX Delegate and National Council Delegate training.  

Silver Award Consultant/Manager Training

The 578 Silver Award Consultant/Troop Manager Training is a 30 minute course that can be taken through gsLearn for anyone planning to work directly with the girls pursuing the Silver Award. Silver Award Consultants work with girls in the service unit, and Silver Award Managers work directly with their troop. The training is the same for both volunteer titles.

Non-GSCTX Outdoor Courses


Texas Parks and Wildlife offers archery training for community programs. Contact the TPWD staff person for your area to get plugged into a training.

Leave No Trace

Learn how to teach your troop the Leave No Trace principles by completing this online training.


Texas Parks and Wildlife offers Boater Education training to safely drive motorized aquatic vessels.


Want to take your troop fishing? Become a Texas Parks and Wildlife Angler Educator.



On Demand Training

If you are unable to find the in-person training that you need in your area on the GSCTX Event Calendar, please use the Training on Demand form to request training. Once your request is submitted we will work with your Service Unit and the Volunteer Facilitators to schedule the requested training.


Facilitator Resources

Thank you for being a council training facilitator for in-person training opportunities! Your contribution ultimately makes a big difference in the lives of other Girl Scouts. Here are resources to assist you with your role.