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Tech Girls participating in the Samsung STEM Challenge finale

Community Programs

Every girl. Everywhere. That’s our goal.

What girls learn today will solve tomorrow’s problems. Girls are the leaders and innovators that our future requires, and Girl Scouting gives them the tools they need to succeed. 

Access to Girl Scouting should not be limited by factors beyond girls’ control. 

Community Programs aim to serve all girls regardless of their circumstances, bringing programming directly to the places girls already are.

Girls Scouts Beyond Bars: Also known as GSBB, Girl Scouts Beyond Bars serves girls whose mothers are currently or were recently in prison, working to break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration. GSBB strives to help girls address the stigma and mitigate the significant risk factors they face. Through programming that guides girls to make positive choices, build resiliency, and improve self-esteem, GSBB seeks to lessen the likelihood of girls entering the juvenile justice system.

Gamma Sigma Girls: Middle and high school girls involved in Gamma Sigma Girls participate in a unique college and career readiness, advocacy, and service-learning program that enhances in-school learning and encourages exploration of their future possibilities. 

Discovery Girls: Discovery Girls ask questions and want to learn more about the world around them. The program’s Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Social-Emotional Learning core competency-aligned curriculum explores the relationship between different topics and themes, encourages the discovery of and an appreciation for STEM connections, and responds to girls’ desire for knowledge.

Girl Scouts Rise: Girls whose families experience housing insecurity often face significant economic challenges and uncertainties that affect many aspects of their lives. Girl Scouts Rise provides a space where girls can remove themselves from chronic issues and just be themselves as they connect with others with a shared experience. In Girl Scouts Rise, girls are in control and take the lead as they work with positive female role models and mentors.

SISTERS: Stay In School To Enjoy Real Success, or SISTERS, seeks to decrease the school dropout rate by offering girls experiences and tools that help them build their own bright futures. Programming combines Girl Scouts’ curriculum with four key Texas Education Agency (TEA) dropout prevention strategies:

  • Personalized learning environments
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Academic support
  • Career and technology education

Tech Girls: Middle and high school girls involved in Tech Girls participate in a weekly afterschool program that combines a hands-on STEM curriculum with an informal environment to support student-driven exploration and experimentation. Tech Girls investigate a variety of STEM topics and gain encouragement to pursue STEM-related education and career paths.

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Be a leader for girls.

You can support our Community Programs by donating to Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Your donation helps to fund the cost of program materials, training, and council-led programming.