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Badges and Journeys in cybersecurity, outdoor adventure, space science, coding, and more!

What’s New

Girl Scouts can now earn new badges, including Cybersecurity, Space Science, and Coding for Good! 

Hooray! You can begin earning 42 new Girl Scout Journeys and badges today! 

Combined with existing programs, these new Journeys and badges, which include focus in cybersecurity, eco-camping, robotics, college prep, space science, and more, help girls empower themselves to unleash their inner strengths and accomplish amazing things.

Take a look at all the Girl Scout programming and check out our blog to learn more about the new STEM badges & journeys. 

Watch this helpful video for Things you Should Know About the 2019 Girl Scout STEM Badges Launch: 


STEM Journey

Outdoor STEM | Think Like a Citizen Scientist
Girls participate in interactive activities to learn how scientists solve problems using the scientific method. Girls practice observation, collect data, and complete a citizen science project. Then they create their Take Action project. 


STEM Badges

Computer Science | Cybersecurity: Girls learn how computers and the internet work and apply the concepts of safety and protection to everyday technology.

Computer Science | Coding for Good: Girls find out how to create computer programs, games, and apps that solve problems and help others. There is an “unplugged” version of this badge as well as a “plugged” version that allows girls to do activities online.

Space Science: Girls learn all about the Solar System and our place in it. Just like real scientists and astronauts, girls explore, observe, and investigate the Sun, Moon, and stars and discover that space is bigger and even more exciting than they imagined.


Outdoor Badges

High Adventure
Girls choose their own adventure with these unique two-in-one badges that let girls decide which activity they’ll participate in. Whether trail running, hiking, snowboarding, or tree climbing, there’s an outdoor activity perfectly suited to every girl’s interest, skill level, and age. 


Global Activities

It’s a great big world, and every day Girl Scouts work to make it a better place. These updated activities inspire girls to think globally as they explore and change the world.

World Thinking Day
Girl Scouts celebrate World Thinking Day (February 22) by exploring this year’s theme of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” connecting with the global sisterhood of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and completing a Take Action project to make their communities more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Global Action Award
Girls participate in activities that address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality and complete a Take Action project to promote gender equality in their communities and beyond. 

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Are you a Troop Leader and not quite sure where to start with the new STEM & Outdoor badges? View our online trainings here!