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The Girl Scouts of Central Texas Shop is a great place to find new Girl Scout apparel including t-shirts, patches, jewelry and more. We have the perfect gift for any age! Stop by one of our Shop Locations (Austin, Bryan and Waco).

GSCTX Retail Goes Mobile!

We heard you! We’re bringing our retail shop to your neighborhood! GSCTX is proud to announce the creation of an official mobile shop that will bring you all the merchandise that you need for your troop (uniforms, books, badges) and all the Girl Scout bling too.

Our council geography is more wide-spread than a normal council. This creates greater challenges for the traditional brick-and-mortar retail locations. The retail numbers in San Angelo reflect that our members across Area 1 are not being served adequately. Therefore, we will be closing our underperforming store in San Angelo. We can serve our membership even better with a mobile shop experience. Mobile shops will allow us to get to more locations and reach more members.

There will be two types of GSCTX mobile shops – (1) a GSCTX mobile shop with a sampling of everything we offer (like the mobile shop at VEC), and (2) smaller mobile shop POP-UPs with essential Girl Scout merchandise perfect for assisting membership (MDEs) and volunteers at rallies, service unit meetings or council and service unit programming events.

Starting in September, we will bring the mobile shop to you for both membership and council and service unit programming events. We are excited to announce the first mobile event will be in conjunction with the San Angelo Race on the River on Saturday, September 20th.  Back-to-Troop season will be at full swing, so get your pre-orders in to ensure you have everything you need to start off your new troop year!


Q. Why are we closing the San Angelo shop?
A. The San Angelo shop is trending down 40% in sales compared to last year, and last year was lower than the year before. Average sales do not cover cost of payroll for a part-time staff member and significantly under performs in their sales to inventory ratios. For example, $40,000 of retail inventory is required to generate less than $20,000 gross sales.

Q. Who will be in charge of the mobile shop?
A. A dedicated retail specialist will be hired in Austin to run the mobile shop calendar and events to support the entire council.

Q. How do we schedule a GSCTX mobile shop or POP-UP?
A. Contact your MDE to coordinate planning with the mobile shop retail specialist. A calendar of mobile events will be available online in the near future.

Q. Why are we hiring a part-time staff person in San Angelo and still closing the shop?
A. The part-time staff person will be responsible for facilities, administration/receptionist duties which do not include part-time retail responsibilities.

Goldie Blox

goldie blox

A Stanford University engineer, Debbie Sterling developed a toy that is geared to change the fact that only 11% of Engineers today are women. She realized that part of the problem is that you can’t take Building Blocks and just put them in a Pink Box for Girls. Girls learn differently, so she decided to combine ‘Spatial plus Verbal’ to develop spatial skills needed for engineering, while introducing the verbal aspect through the character of Goldie who solves problems with each adventure.

For more information contact or (512) 490-2316.