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Provide Your Feedback on the Future of Zilker Cabin by January 8


The Austin Parks and Recreation Department recently released its Draft Zilker Park Vision Plan, the result of a community-driven planning process to establish a guiding framework for the restoration and future development of Zilker Park. Situated within the park, Zilker Girl Scout Cabin—a facility owned by the City of Austin to which Girl Scouts has been granted usage for over 80 years—is an element of the vision plan. The City’s vision for the future of the park will impact if and how the site may be used, accessed, and upgraded in the future.  

While Girl Scouts of Central Texas (GSCTX) is largely pleased with how Zilker Girl Scout Cabin is represented within the draft plan, we feel that greater clarity is needed on specific components to fully explain the City’s vision for the cabin. We encourage you to review the Draft Zilker Vision Plan and provide your feedback regarding the vision for Zilker Girl Scout Cabin to the City by January 8, 2023. On the community feedback site, once you complete your demographic information, you will have the option to provide commentary in the free-form field at the bottom of the page or comment directly within the report using the tool provided. Feel free to share your own thoughts on the plan or use the talking points below as a guide:

  • The Zilker Girl Scout Cabin is listed as “no change” within the report. However, it is also included in a map/section titled “Activating Existing Facilities.” Greater clarification regarding what the “Activating Existing Facilities” designation means for the cabin should be provided, or the Zilker Girl Scout Cabin should be removed from this category.
  • Given the steep grading and general condition of the existing road into the Zilker Girl Scout Cabin, we are encouraged by the creation of a new road behind the McBeth Recreation Center. Thought should be given to how cars that unintentionally enter this road may turn around, given that the road dead ends at the cabin.
  • Increased access to parking at the Zilker Girl Scout Cabin should be considered, given its remote location and currently limited onsite parking.
  • While the Quonset Hut and Caretakers Cottage are explicitly mentioned in several areas of the plan as the ideal locations for a Welcome Center, the Zilker Girl Scout Cabin is listed alongside the Quonset Hut and Caretakers Cottage as potential Welcome Center locations on page 95 of the draft plan PDF. We would appreciate greater clarification on whether the Zilker Girl Scout Cabin is being considered a Welcome Center location.