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Austin Girl Scouts Address Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice


This Pride Month, Girl Scouts of Central Texas (GSCTX) is celebrating change makers Judith, Sophie, and Yessenia from Girl Scout Troop 2959 for earning the Girl Scout Silver Award–the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette (grades 6-8) can achieve. Noticing the need to promote understanding between people after witnessing movements like Black Lives Matter, Women’s Marches, and protests around anti-trans legislation, they developed a website which hosts videos and workshops to address how people might discuss uncomfortable subjects around race, gender and sexuality, and oppression.

Diverse Universe, Judith, Sophie, and Yessenia’s Silver Award Project, is a compilation of their learnings from interviews and discussions they facilitated with teens who felt silenced and marginalized to help explain important concepts related to race, gender, and sexuality. The Girl Scouts created a video entitled, “Things People Say”, to highlight insensitive comments people make regarding gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or culture. The website includes soundbites to help understand important concepts and defines terms commonly talked about along with a DIY workshop for people interested in a self-guided learning experience.

From topics like internalized oppression to defining the difference between sexuality and sexual identity, their resources help increase knowledge about terms surrounding diversity and inclusion. “We started thinking about this project when we noticed that even among our friends there was a great deal of silence and unwillingness to talk about how race and gender mattered,” said Yessenia from Troop 2959.

Judith, Sophie, and Yessenia aim to celebrate how far our country has come to accepting diversity and help further creating a fair and inclusive society. “We can do better. In order to address the challenges of equality and inclusion at an individual and systemic level, we can start by learning how to talk about identity, gender, race, and sexuality as it informs our identity and impacts how we experience the world.”

If you would like more information or to schedule a time to interview Judith, Sophie, or Yessenia, contact Emma Acosta at or at 713-992-4983.