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Troop Updates and Transfers

This form can be used to make changes to your troop in the Participation Catalog or to expedite the transfer of a member from one troop to another within Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

Starting a New Troop or Updating an Existing Troop:

The Participation Catalog is an online listing of troop openings for girls and volunteer opportunities for adults. We highly encourage you to complete the form for EACH troop you oversee. By filling out this form, you will be ensuring we have the most up-to-date information for your troop (i.e. troop meeting location, program level, etc.). This form will also give you the chance to add your troop to the Participation Catalog, so new girls or those seeking a troop can find available options in their community. (All troops that DO NOT respond will automatically be added to the catalog.) More information can be found in our Participation Catalog FAQs.

Disbanding a Troop:

Once all active members have been transferred to a new troop, you can complete this form to disband/retire a troop and remove it from the Participation Catalog.

Troop Transfer Request:

You may use this form if you are:

  • One of the Troop Leaders receiving the Girl Scout member
  • You are the Service Unit Director or Registrar in charge of the troop receiving the Girl Scout member
  • You are a GSCTX membership staff member
  • You are a parent or guardian requesting a transfer of any family member to the Individually-Registered Member (IRM)/Juliette troop in your service unit (IRM/Juliettes are members not affiliated with a troop, but are affiliated with a service unit, and complete Girl Scout activities with the guidance of their families)

If you are trying to make a change not listed above, including transferring a Girl Scout membership between councils, or if you have any questions, please contact Customer Care.


Last updated July 2020.