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Service Unit Awards Order Form

This form is used by service unit leadership and service unit volunteer recognitions coordinators to request service unit award pins and Community Appreciation Awards. Detailed descriptions of each award and nomination criteria can be found on the Volunteer Appreciation and Award Page.

  • All orders must be received at least three weeks prior to the date of the awards presentation.
  • Please limit one service unit award per volunteer per program year and limit one submission per service unit per membership year (October 1 through September 30).
  • The awards are provided at no cost to the service unit. Awards can be mailed or picked up at the Kodosky Service Center.

The chart below indicates the maximum number of each award that can be ordered based on the total number of youth members in a service unit as of January 1. Service unit leadership can access their service unit’s total youth numbers in Looker (Membership Analysis – Current Year, Youth). If you require assistance, please contact us.

Service Unit Awards < 200 Youth Members 200-400 Youth Members 401+ Youth Members
SU Green But Growing Award 6 9 12
SU Star Award 8 12 16
SU Outstanding Partners Award 4 (2 pair) 6 (3 pair) 8 (4 pair)
SU Extra Mile Award 4 6 8
SU Outstanding Leader Award 4 6 8
SU Outstanding Volunteer Award 4 6 8
Community Recognition (non-service unit volunteers and businesses) < 200 Youth Members 200-400 Youth Members 401+ Youth Members
Community Appreciation Certificate 6 9 12

Last updated November 2020.