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Troop Transfer Request Form

Girl Handing in Form

This form will expedite transfers from one troop to another within Girl Scouts of Central Texas. 

Please fill out this form separately for each individual needing to be transferred.

You may use this Troop Transfer Request Form if:

  • You are one of the Troop Leaders receiving the Girl Scout member

  • You are the Service Unit Director or Registrar in charge of the troop receiving the Girl Scout member

  • You are a GSCTX staff member

  • You are a parent or guardian requesting a transfer of any family members to the Individually-Registered Member (IRM) / Juliette troop in your service unit (IRM/Juliettes are members not affiliated with a troop, but are affiliated with a service unit, and complete Girl Scout activities with the guidance of their families)

Do not use this form if:

  • You are a parent/guardian requesting a transfer of any family members to a traditional troop, as we will still need to hear from your new troop leader to place your Girl Scout. Please have your new troop leader fill out this form.

  • You are a troop leader sending a girl or adult to another troop. We need to hear from the receiving troop leader, or alternatively, the SUD, SUR, or appropriate GSCTX staff member.

  • You need your GSCTX membership transferred to another Girl Scout Council. Please use the Customer Care form to request this transfer.

  • You need to be transferred from another Girl Scout Council to GSCTX. Please contact your old council to initiate the transfer process, letting them know we are "Council 578 and are a Salesforce Council."

Requestor Information
Receiving Troop Information
May use "IRM" if requesting transfer to an IRM/Juliette troop
Information for Girl Scout Member Needing to be Transferred
 Troop Leader
 Troop Treasurer
 Troop Fall Product Coordinator
 Troop Cookie Coordinator
 Troop Friends and Family
Do you have any other information you wish to share?