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Insurance Request Form

Girl Scout programs are designed with a view toward safety. However, when an accident does occur, the Basic Plan accident coverage is designed to help meet the costs of accident medical care. 

Every registered Girl Scout and registered adult member in the Girl Scout Movement is automatically covered under the Basic Plan for an approved and supervised activity lasting two consecutive nights or less, and the entire premium cost for this protection is borne by GSUSA. 

Additional insurance must be purchased for the following scenarios:

  1. Events or trips lasting two consecutive nights or less that have non-registered attendees who are actively able to participate in the same activities as the Girl Scouts in attendance
  2. Events or trips lasting three consecutive nights or more, whether attendees are registered or not registered with Girl Scouts
  3. International trips lasting any length of time

All insurance requests will be responded to within 2-3 business days. Please request insurance at least one week or more prior to the event or trip for which insurance is needed.


Last updated June 2021.