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Virtual Meeting Resources

Our mission truly would not be possible without the volunteers who are provide girls stability in uncertain times and the encouragement and safe space they need to continue dreaming big, taking on the tough challenges, and growing into strong, confident leaders.

As Girl Scouts are enjoying activities and earning badges at home, volunteers are facing unique opportunities for sharing this information and connecting online. Use the resources below as well as our COVID-19 in-person guidelines and tips for a successful troop meeting. 


Staying Safe Online

Online Safety Video
Online Safety Resources

If your Girl Scout activities involve the use of the internet, have all participants read and agree to the Girl Scout computer internet safety pledge

While hosting virtual troop meetings, group chats, and email threads volunteers should follow the Virtual Troop Meeting Safety Activity Checkpoints (updated 4/8/2020). This means that during virtual events, two unrelated adults should be present on the virtual platform with the girls. When communicating with girls via group chat or email, ensure you are including their parent on emails and have two (2) unrelated adults on group chats. 


Virtual Troop Meetings

Zoom/Video Platform Instructions

Platform (Zoom) Instructions: Virtual troop meetings can be held via Zoom. Please use these instructions for hosting your own free 30-minute virutal troop meeting. Personal Zoom accounts have a meeting time limit. If you have a larger troop and need a longer meeting time, submit a Zoom for Troops and Service Units Request Form to schedule your meeting using a council-owned paid account.

How to Host a Virtual Troop Meeting

How to Host a Virtual Troop Meeting: Read all about hosting a fun, enaging troop meeting online

Zoom Video Backgrounds

Video Backgrounds: Make it easy for girls and caregivers to know the event is hosted by Girl Scouts by downloading these awesome Girl Scout backgrounds for your meeting.

Virtual Programs and Activities

Volunteer Toolkit: There are many badges, patches, and journeys girls at do right at home! All of these can be accessed through the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK).

Resources from Other Councils: Connect with Girl Scout volunteers from councils across the nation through the Virtual Girl Activities Facebook Group. Volunteers are sharing their favorite at-home activities to help spark ideas for your own troop! 

Girl Scouts Give Back: Mask Making Project

Now, with this nationwide mask-making campaign, all girls have the chance to step up to help their friends, neighbors, and frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we’ve partnered with Feeding America, a network of local food banks across the U.S., to make it easy for your girls to amplify their efforts.

  1. Ask your girls (and their friends!) to make masks for adults and kids. Use the instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If your troop chooses to make masks for other kids, use 7.5” x 9” cloth instead. 

  2. When you are ready to send your masks, you can include a letter like this (PDF).

  3. You can safely distribute masks where you see the greatest need in your community (check out these ideas). Through our partnership with Feeding America, your troop can easily donate (PDF) masks to your local food bank staff and families that rely on food bank services.   

  4. Don’t forget to come back and log the number of masks you made!

  5. If you wish to recognize your troop’s participation with a patch, we recommend this Girl Scouts Give Back patch.

 Check out some more detailed guidance (PDF).


National Girl Scout Resources

Troop Leader Resources

Girl Scouts at Home for Troop Leaders: Whether you’re looking for tips on how to structure your virtual meetings or want to find out more about adapting current Girl Scout activities, dig into these helpful, one-of-a-kind resources.

Campfire Chats

Campfire Chats bring together powerful Girl Scout alums and supporters at the top of their fields to educate and inspire people who are striving for a better world. These virtual events showcase a wide variety of topics, from cooking to financial literacy and career advice.


Looking for more ways to get involved with Girl Scouts? Contact us.