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Safety Activity Checkpoints

Girl Scouts of the USA has developed a training plan with activity-specific checkpoints. Volunteers should consult Safety Activity Checkpoints when planning outings and activities to ensure Girl Scouts' safety standards can be met. Access the information you need when you need it in our easily-searched document.

All of the checkpoints follow the same format. 

  • Where to Hold the Activity
  • Including Girls with Disabilities
  • Basic and Specialized Gear Needed
  • Preparation for the Activity
  • On the Day of the Activity
  • Web Links for More Information
  • Know-How for Girls
  • Jargon Specific to the Activity

Know how many adults you need. Girl Scouts has established adult-to-girl ratios, a chart that shows the minimum number of adults needed to supervise a specific number of girls. 

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Safety is our priority with each and every one of our shining stars—both girls and adults. To help you, we’ve put together a list of safety standards for any activity you could possible imagine doing with your girls. Follow the guide below and get lost in the endless possibilities of fun, exploration, and adventure—all while staying safe!

  Safety Activity Checkpoints (PDF)
Updated June 2022, see change memo.

  Medidas de Seguridad para las Actividades (PDF)
Actualizado en septiembre de 2020.