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Online Criminal Background Checks (CBCs)

Volunteers aid in promoting the safety the girls they work with by completing an online criminal background check (CBC). GSCTX processes all CBC reports online through Sterling Volunteers. Sterling Volunteers makes the process easy and secure, and also allows volunteers to share their CBC report with a growing network of other organizations, including many other Girl Scout councils.

Eligible CBCs are considered good for three (3) years. The only exception is for those volunteering at a resident or day camp, in which case, state regulations require a CBC to be completed annually.

To get started, check out our CBC Quick Start guide below. For more comprehensive information on CBCs and how they are processed, please check out our Criminal Background Checks Frequently Asked Questions.

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How do I complete my CBC?

Determine your level of involvement and then follow the corresponding instructions:

I'm registering or re-registering as a volunteer
  1. When registering for the first time, choose "I want to join as a Volunteer" on the first registration screen. Returning members should log into MYGS renew one of their volunteer roles (Troop Leader, Troop Friends and Family, etc.)
  2. Once your membership registration is completed and paid for, membership database (Volunteer Systems) will check to see if there is an eligible, unexpired CBC on file for you. If not, the system will automatically authorize Sterling Volunteers, GSCTX's third-party CBC vendor, to send the volunteer an email invitation to complete a CBC.
  3. Respond to the email invitation by clicking the provided link. Fill out all required information with Sterling Volunteers.
  4. Once the CBC report is complete, if it's eligible, this information will automatically be integrated with Volunteer Systems and you are ready to volunteer.
I'm registering or re-registering as an adult member, not a volunteer

If you choose "I just want to be a member" on the first registration screen when newly registering as an adult member, or if you only renew your "Adult Member" role, the membership registration system (Volunteer Systems) will not automatically check to see if you have an eligible, unexpired CBC on file. If you really do need a CBC because you are interacting with girl members (such as on a campout or helping to sell cookies at a booth), you should log into MYGS and claim a volunteer role in your troop. Even if it's not during membership registration, this will prompt Volunteer Systems to authorize Sterling Volunteers, our third-party CBC provider, to send you a CBC invitation if you do not have an eligible, unexpired CBC on file.

I'm not registered as a volunteer or adult member

If you are a non-member who typically has no interaction during the membership year with girl members but need a CBC for Girl Scout programs (such as a campout), please purchase a membership.   

If you're registering for the first time, choose "I want to join as a Volunteer" on the first registration screen.

If you're a returning member, log into MYGS and renew your volunteer role (troop leader, troop friends and family, etc.)

I'm already registered as a volunteer but my previous CBC expires mid-membership year

If you are a volunteer with a current, unexpired CBC, but it will expire soon (i.e. mid-membership year), please contact GSCTX Customer Care and request to get a CBC invitation manually sent to you.


Still have questions? Please contact our Customer Care team and we'll be happy to assist you.