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Virtual Mystery Family Experience: The Perilous Castle (D/B) 6/22/21

Tue Jun 22, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Daisy , Brownie

For: Daisy, Brownie; non-members welcome! (K-3)

This FREE program is made possible with the support of the San Angelo Health Foundation and AEP Foundation.

A well-loved castle owner has mysteriously disappeared. You have been tasked with exploring her castle and finding out who took her. The castle is full of mysteries. Only if you can solve all of the puzzles together in time will you discover the culprit and escape.

If your girl loves mystery themed novels and detective shows, then she will love this program! This experience will give her the chance to test her critical thinking skills in hypothetical situations based in fantasy and reality. Girls will learn how to excel in both puzzles and riddles that involve colors, wordplay, shapes, and math. Throughout the activity, girls will be encouraged to share and debate hypotheses with their peers to ultimately work together to solve the mystery before the workshop ends. 

Cost: FREE due to San Angelo Health and AEP Foundations' generous support! 

Patch/BadgeGirls will complete activities that align with the Brownie Senses Badge. Badges can be purchased online at our Girl Scout shop. 

Contact for Event: Kayla Robinson,