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Find Girl Scout Cookies

Be bold. Do more. Find Girl Scout Cookies now.

In an ever-changing world, it's comforting to know that some things stay the same. For one, Girl Scouts love adventure! For another, people love Girl Scout Cookies!

This year more than ever, there's a big helping of adventure in every delicious bite of Girl Scout Cookies®. Add a big dash of never-give-up, I’ve-got-this, and the world-is-mine-for-the-taking, and you’ve got some very powerful cookies.

When you purchase Girl Scout Cookies, you're supporting girls’ ability to learn, grow, and thrive through adventure. Running their very own Girl Scout Cookie business makes it all possible, from camping trips that teach them how to be resourceful to STEM projects that inspire them to change the world and epic treks that remind them they’re capable of anything.

Enjoy Girl Scout Cookies yourself, give some to a friend, or donate to a worthy cause—every bite counts!

Girl Scout Cookies are available from January 18 through February 26, 2023, and cost $5 ($6 for gluten free).