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GSCTX Girl Advisory Board

GSCTX Girl Advisory Board
Want to meet other girls from our Council? Do you have ideas about events you would like to see our Council offer?

Then the GSCTX Girl Advisory Board (GAB) is for you! As a part of the GAB you will be able to give input as to what you would like to see offered in our council. This is a great opportunity to wield your leadership skills.

Mission and purpose

MISSION: The GAB gives Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors the opportunity to serve as the council’s voice for all girls in Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Through girl-led activities, the board will enrich the lives of girls through leadership projects, mentorship, and living by the Girl Scout Law. By lending a voice to a movement that wants, needs, and values girl-led contributions, these young leaders will play a significant role in shaping the ongoing work of Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

PURPOSE: This select group of girls will work as an advisory group that partners with staff members on projects ranging from program development to research and marketing. GAB members will also have the opportunity to make recommendations to, and share their ideas with, GSCTX’s Board of Directors. By facilitating youth-adult partnership, these leadership opportunities allow GAB members to influence decision-making processes in our Council.

What is the GAB commitment?
What is the GAB commitment?

Girls make a minimum one-year commitment to participate in the GAB. The one-year term runs October 1–September 30.

Regional GABs will meet monthly in their areas during October–March. Exact meeting dates and times are established based on the availability of the majority of girl members. The entire Board will meet together in Killeen for a kick-off in October. Then, each spring they will meet together again in Austin for an end of year luncheon with the CEO. GAB will not meet during the summer (June–August).

Who can join GAB & how it's structured

Who can join the GAB? GSCTX-registered Cadettes or above.  

GAB Organizational Structure: The Girl Advisory Board will be made up of five girl members from each area of our council for a total of 20 girl members. Members will meet regionally on a regular basis and will meet together once each year. Each regional team will be guided by the GSCTX Program Specialist in that area. One year of GAB service satisfies the prerequisite to become a National Delegate.

Apply to join GAB
Be an adult GAB volunteer

Want to be a GAB Adult Volunteer? Do you like working with older girls and consider yourself teen savvy? Are you 18 or older? Then this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! Adult volunteers will work with staff members during the selection process and will also provide support and guidance to the GAB members throughout the year. Volunteers are needed in all areas of the council. For more information on becoming a GAB Adult Volunteer, email

Current GAB members
Special thanks to our 2019–20 Girl Advisory Board members!

Esmeralda Aguilar

Grace Guthrie

Katherine (Katie) Galko

Riley Miller

Marie Young

Maria Thomson

Maya Hay

Suhaani Srireddy

Randee Freeze

Jaylynn Merrell

Starla Whitlow

Anna Freed

Abigail Dunker

Erin Cooper

Jadie Dawson

Elizabeth Beazer

Leilah Dearman

Arielle Martinez

Oakley Arledge

Cadyn Christmas

Hailey Hawkins

Recommendations from the GAB
Members of the Girl Advisory Board speaking at the GSCTX Annual Meeting.