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Outdoor Adventures

It’s time to try something new…

There’s so much to do, see, and explore with the GSCTX Outdoors Program.

Within the heart of every Girl Scout is the desire to discover and explore her world. We live in a world of screens and sometimes you just want to get away from it all. We get it. That’s why we encourage girls to feel the wind in their hair, discover the unknown, and take the plunge into their next adventure. Go to our Events Calendar to see what outdoor programs we offer!


View the Outdoor Progression chart for tips & ideas to challenge yourself in the Outdoors!

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Outdoor Events
girls learning SCUBA

GSCTX Outdoor Programs provide fun outdoor experiences and clinics for our girls! Please go to the GSCTX Events Calendar for more information on Upcoming outdoor programs. If you have any questions, please contact our Outdoor Program Specialist, Gabby Marye, at

Gear Rental
girls and their camping gear

Gear is available for rent at the Kodosky Service Center in Austin. Check out a backpack, camp stoves, personal stoves, tents, and more! For more information, look at the Equipment Rental Flyer and complete the Equipment Reservation Form!

If you have any questions, please contact the Outdoor Program Specialist, Gabby Marye at

girls and their sailboats in the mariners program

Do you love the wind and the water? Are you ready for adventure? Mariners is for you!

High Adventure Team
High Adventure Team girls on a hike


High Adventure Team (HAT) is a troop designed for Girl Scouts who want to get outside. Want to join a HAT troop? Look below for a list of outdoor-focused troops to find one near you! Want to start your own HAT troop? Email for more information.

Are you a leader of an outdoor-focused interest group? Fill out this form to get your name on the list. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Current Active HAT Troops
Name Contact information Location Accepting new members
Midtown Adrenaline Junkies Steph Driggers
(512) 914-9280
Midtown Service Unit, North Central Austin Yes
Central Bell Service Unit HAT Diana Wilbert
(254) 541-1755
Central Bell Service Unit, Temple and Belton Area Yes
Troop 1067 Karen Miller
(512) 454-1687
Midtown Service Unit, North Central Austin Yes
Troop 1510 Juliee Beyt
Midtown Service Unit, North Central Austin No
InTents Elizabeth Poprik
(979) 690-3942
Bryan/College Station Yes


Outdoor Adventures Progression Patch

Want to embrace the outdoors with your troop but not sure where to start? The Outdoor Progression Patch (shown above) will walk you through the steps to leading your troop to outdoor success. Join the single match club, learn survival skills, go from “glamper” to backpacker – seven levels will keep you and your troop busy learning and becoming Masters of the Outdoors.
Interested in earning this patch? Download the full curriculum here.  

Jr Ranger-National Parks Patch

Enjoy the Great Outdoors and Earn your Jr Ranger Patch!
Girl Scouts is continuing to partner with the National Park Service and the “Girl Scout Ranger Program,” a program connecting girls with National Park Service sites throughout the United States. Through this program, girls are invited to play outdoors, learn about national parks and why they're preserved, and develop essential leadership skills. Even better, girls have the opportunity to earn patches, complete journeys, and achieve Take Action and Gold Award projects!


There are 5 easy steps to earn your ranger patch.
How to earn your Ranger patch thru 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose a National Park Service site
    Visit Choose a national park, a monument, or any of 417 sites protected by the National Park Service. Explore nature, learn the history and read the stories to discover why it is important to preserve your park.
  2. Imagine Yourself in a National Park
    Brainstorm activities that you might want to experience at a national park. Consider working outside with a geologist or inside identifying fossils. Maybe wildfire restoration, building a bridge, or a night sky project interests you.
  3. Contact the park and make a plan
    Call the park (the phone number is on the park’s website under Contact Us). Identify yourself as a Girl Scout. Ask if there is someone who works with the Girl Scout Ranger program or a volunteer coordinator. Express your ideas to the coordinator. Together, plan a project to help the park and fulfill your goals.
  4. Go to the park and Have Fun!
    If your park does not have a volunteer program or is too far away to visit, create a Take Action Project.
  5. Share the experience
    Share your best shots on Instagram and Twitter using #FindYourPark and #NPS101 (don't forget to tag @GirlScouts!) and invite your entire troop to do the same!

Can this program contribute toward earning the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award?
The Girl Scout Ranger program is not a part of the qualifications for the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. However experiences you gain from participating in the Girl Scout Ranger program may contribute toward your progress in earning the award. Visit the Girl Scout award webpage for more information on the criteria for earning the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award.

Why five hours for a certificate and ten hours for a patch?
Girls scouts are awarded a program certificate upon completion of set hour requirements for the program (5 hours for a certificate, 10 hours for the Girl Scout Ranger patch). We strongly believe that with these set hour requirements, girls will come away with not just a certificate or patch, but the reward of discovery, sense of awareness and hopefully an interest in continuing their experiences at national parks that will build from awareness to knowledge, from interest and skills to participation, and ultimately to conservation as a value and habit, in addition to achieving Girl Scout leadership outcomes. The hour requirement can be met through a series of park experiences, so the program’s flexible participation design ensures that we afford Girl Scouts with the opportunity to have a continuum of diverse park experiences that foster long-term engagement with the NPS and the outdoors.

How did this program come about?
The Girl Scout Ranger program is a collaboration between the GSUSA and the NPS under the umbrella Linking Girls to the Land program. It is an expansion of the former Resource Stewardship Girl Scout Ranger Program.

As the nation and the world are increasingly turning to technology, some believe this leads to a decrease in children participating in outdoor activities. The Girl Scout Ranger program supports the NPS goal of introducing youth to the outdoors. The experience provides girls the opportunity to expand their horizons, develop new ideas, new perspectives, and gain an increased appreciation for natural and cultural resource stewardship. The Girl Scout Ranger program is also a great opportunity for girls to join together, have fun, and make a difference!

Why should I be engaged in this program?
The Girl Scout Ranger program is exciting and fun! You can have fun in the outdoors and at the same time discover something new about yourself and your surroundings. Consider engaging girls in a journey or other Girl Scout program activity in a park and earn hours toward the certificate or patch. There is a project or activity for every grade level. When girls work with the park, projects can be catered towards the girls’ interests and goals. There are many different types of career opportunities with the National Park Service like biology, firefighting, education and interpretation that you could explore! It is so important and very rewarding for you to get outside, take in some fresh air, see wildlife, discover culture, and learn your role in protecting our environment.

Who gives me my Jr Ranger Patch and/or certificate?
The patches and certificates are given to you directly from the National Park that you work with.

Intrepid Journey Program
group of girls at the end of a long hike with gear

Pack your bags for a grand outdoor journey! The Intrepid Journey program was started here at Girl Scouts of Central Texas in 2014, and is designed just for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors.

Undertake your own intrepid journey: plan an expedition to a place you choose, research the environmental issues there, learn how to live responsibly in the wild, create your own notebook of what you find there. As you go through the steps of this journey, you'll become a real expert on your location. Show your true outdoor spirit by earning all three levels of the Journey: Terra, Alea, and Indagatrix.

Sleep outside under the stars, climb the tallest mountain, and explore your world with Girl Scouts on this one-of-a-kind Journey created by and for Girl Scouts looking for adventure of all kinds.

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Are you new to hiking and camping? Maybe a little nervous about taking girls on an outdoor journey for the first time? Don't worry! These videos from GSUSA will help you prepare for a fun, safe adventure with your girls. (And be sure to read our Safety Checkpoints for specific safety guidelines on everything from archery to whitewater rafting.)

Step by Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
Taking the Journeys Outside
Planning Your Troop's First Campout
Introduction to Campsite Set-up
Introduction to Cooking Outdoors
How to Leave No Trace Outdoors
Outdoor Songs and Games
Introduction to Fire Building
The Dos and Don'ts of Backpacking
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