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Cookie Box Creations

Design and create a unique structure using Girl Scout Cookie boxes. Build a team of other passionate Girl Scouts who are ready to think outside of the box. Using STEM concepts, you're challenged to develop critical thinking, cooperation, and team building skills to plan, design, and create your structure around one central theme. 

The 2022 Cookie Box Creations theme is frontline workers and will honor the professions that have been essential to our economy and society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo on left is a train and photo on the right is a rocket ship. Both sculptures are build out of flat Girl Scout Cookie Boxes
Girl Scout Cookie Box Creations sculptures from the 2019 Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas competition.

Ready to compete in the inaugural Girl Scouts of Central Texas Cookie Box Creations? 
Download and read the participant handbook for upcoming deadlines, box order forms, judging criteria, and more. When you're ready, sign up your team using the form below. 

  Cookie Box Creations Handbook (PDF)  

Team Sign-up Form

Deadline to apply: November 1, 2021

Become a Cookie Box Creations sponsor. Cookie Box Creations is an immersive architecture and engineering program for Girl Scouts to develop critical thinking and STEM skills. To become a sponsor, please contact us.