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Girl sitting on ground looking at nature through magnifying glass


Imagine her taking on some of the biggest challenges and problems our planet faces—and helping solve them. Imagine her teaming up with others to invent the future. That future can be a reality, thanks to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Girl Scouts in STEM break boundaries by exploring new interests, including nature sciences, photography, game design, and more.

  • Girl working with small tools, building robot

    She's not only building robots. She's defying stereotypes, creating future technologies, meeting new people, and enjoying team success.


    Learning code through Girl Scouts gives your girl the tools to build websites, games, mobile applications, and life-long friendships. 

  • Girl touching large screen
  • Two girls examining nature though a magnifying glass

    Your girl will reach for the stars as she explores space sciences and learns about the plants and animals making up our ecosystem.


    Learning internet smarts, investigative techniques, and tracking her digital presence are steps she'll take to practice in a safe online environment.

  • Girl sitting in front of a computer wearing headphones
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Mobile STEM Experience Center

STEM knows no boundaries with our innovative mobile center, available in the Concho Valley and Brownwood areas. Expert-led programming will come directly to your troop and deliver hands-on STEM education. No previous experience required for Troop Leaders; we'll deliver everything your girls need for a fun, exciting experience!

For more information and to reserve the van, visit the Mobile STEM Experience Center


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