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From the backyard to the backcountry, Girl Scouts has a long and storied history of getting every girl outdoors. In fact, many Girl Scouts tell us camping trips are one of the best things about their Girl Scout experience. It’s true! Connecting with the great outdoors in a youth-led setting is a big benefit of belonging to Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts have opportunities to explore interests and earn badges in areas such as camping, environmental stewardship, trail adventures, and horseback riding.


  • Three girls examining nature on the ground through a magnifying glass
  • Preservation

    Outdoor fun starts with keeping our environment safe. Girl Scouts will learn about local plants and animals, care for trails and parks, and gain a deep appreciation for our home.

  • Exploration

    Girl Scouts of all ages will find adventure outdoors through level-appropriate activities like hiking, horseback riding, paddling, and camping.

  • Two girls climbing a rock; one has a hand reached out for the other in support
  • Two girls scuba diving, looking at camera underwater
  • Higher Adventures

    Experienced Girl Scouts often take interest in a unique area, such as water sports or trail and mountain exploration. We offer special interest troops or adventure-seeking travel so they can focus on what they love most about the outdoors.


Camp and Outdoor Programs

  • Summer Camp »
    Unplug, learn new skills, discover your sense of self, and test new-found independence in a safe, girl-led environment.

  • Weekend Camping »
    Spend the weekend horseback riding, hiking, or canoeing. Troops can organize their own camping trips as they make memories and learn new skills along the way.

  • Gear Rental »
    When it's time for your first outdoor adventure, gear (such as a tent or sleeping bag) can be rented from GSCTX.

  • Outdoor Patch Programs »
    Get involved in the community and earn patches with outdoor programs made just for GSCTX.

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Girl Scout Tree Promise™

Girl Scout Tree Promise patchJoin our mission to protect the planet from the effects of climate change. With the Elliott Wildlife Values Project and American Forests, we are launching a bold tree planting and conservation initiative. Girl Scouts is setting out to plant five million trees across the country in five years and to protect and honor new and existing trees. Take the Girl Scout Tree Promise!

Troop Leaders: Download the toolkit with step-by-step instructions. Tree-planting season in Texas is September through March. A toolkit specific to Central Texas plantlife will be available soon.


Volunteer Outdoor Resources

Whether you're a first-time leader or experienced outdoor enthusiast, these videos can prepare your troop for an exciting and safe outdoor adventure!

Troop leaders can also review Safety Checkpoints for specific safety guidelines on everything from archery to whitewater rafting.

Step by Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
Taking the Journeys Outside
Planning Your Troop's First Campout
Introduction to Campsite Set-up
Introduction to Cooking Outdoors
How to Leave No Trace Outdoors
Outdoor Songs and Games
Introduction to Fire Building
The Dos and Don'ts of Backpacking

Looking for more ways to get involved with Girl Scouts? Contact us.