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Patch Pack

Introducing the new Girl Scouts subscription box! 

Is your girl ready to take her Girl Scouting at Home adventures to the next level? We're boxing up brand-new and exciting Girl Scout patch programs and sending them directly to girls! 

Each month, she'll receive a mystery themed box that includes:

  • Patch program activity guide
  • Materials for offline, hands-on activities
  • Family connection guide
  • Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere (SWAPS) 
  • Featured patch
Designed for girls of all ages.

The Patch Pack is customized based on your girl's grade level. These never-done-before patch programs are exclusivly created by Girl Scouts of Central Texas and perfect for Girl Scouts and friends. Girls who aren't yet Girl Scouts can also purchase a subscription at no extra cost.  

Your girl can expect to spend a few hours, at her own pace, to complete the Patch Pack activities. She'll be engaged, challenged, and, of course, having fun! 

Access the virtual bonus experience.

As part of our new launch, boxes will include a secret code your girl must decipher that gives her access to exclusive, online Patch Pack experiences through the 10th of the following month. If you expereience any issues with the access code, please contact us

*Please allow pop-ups in your internet browser to access the page.


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