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Girl Scouts are known for their entrepreneurial spirit during cookie season, but what about after their last box is sold?

Every year Girl Scouts all over the country use their cookie earnings to do amazing things in their communities and beyond. From helping animal shelters and feeding the homeless to raising awareness about bullying, making public areas more accessible to people with disabilities, and tons more, Girl Scouts can and will do anything they put their hearts and minds to.

Girl Scouts of Central Texas has partnered with VentureLab, a nonprofit organization that is helping develop the next generation of innovators, to bring our girls a new entrepreneur patch program that focuses on how to instill that mindset all year long.

VentureLab Founder/CEO, Cristal Glanchai, Ph.D., is a scientist, entrepreneur, and mentor for young, creative leaders. Watch her share more about her partnership with Girl Scouts:


As entrepreneurs, girls show excitement toward accomplishing goals and solving problems. Along the way, they'll learn five essential skills for leadership, success, and life. Read more about them through our Cookie Program, the largest girl-led business in the world.


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