2014 Monthly Patch Programs

Looking for some additional fun activities for your troop or just to do on your own? GSCTX now offers a Monthly Patch Program! Each month a new patch program will be offered. You will have the entire month to complete all requirements of the patch. For some patches your time frame is extended to allow enough time to complete all requirements. If you complete all the patches for the year you will earn an exclusive 2014 Monthly Patch Program Patch!

Each patch program will include:

• A specific program area of concentration.

• The opportunity for girls to discover, connect and take action.

• Activities for all Girl Scout age levels.

• Additional listing of resources to help with executing the patch program.

When you have completed the patch program each month place your patch order through E-Council ($2.00 each) by the 15th of the following month. Patches will be mailed to you after the monthly deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Wolfe, Director of Program Services at (512) 490-2324 or SherryW@gsctx.org.

No Cookie Crumbles Challenge

It's Cookie Season so it is the perfect time to learn about Packaging Engineers! A Packaging Engineer is the person who designs packages and containers for things like food, clothing, electronics and toys. They often work with people in labs, and consider cost and durability when designing their packaging. After brainstorming and drafting the packaging, they use tests to figure out whether the packaging can withstand normal stresses it might encounter on its way to the store or when handled by a consumer. Packaging that fails stress test will probably not get the product safely to the consumer. During this patch program girls will create a cookie package that can withstand a shake test, weight test, water test, and throw test. Patch order deadline extended to 3/15/2014. 

No Cookie Crumbles Program

Be Prepared

Encouraging girls to take preventative steps and actions toward being safe is not a new goal for the Girl Scouts. "Be Prepared" is our organization's motto, and as far back as the 1917 edition of the Handbook for Girl Scouts, girls were asked to write articles to share information about the spread of insect-borne diseases, learn how to use a fire alarm and be knowledgeable on other topics of public health and safety. This Be Prepared Patch program will prepare girls to identify local risks and potential emergencies, connect with local community service agencies, understand hazards, learn about local warning systems, prepare themselves and their families for potential emergency situations and explore additional resources.

Be Prepared Program

Love A Shelter Pet

Approximately 5 to 7 million pets end up in shelters each year. There are all kinds of ways you can help even if you don't have room for a new four-legged friend in your house. Girl Scouts of Central Texas has partnered with Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) to help keep Austin a no-kill city. If you aren't in the Austin area, you can still earn this patch by helping pets at your local animal shelter or pet rescue. (A list of suggested shelters is provided.)

Love A Shelter Pet Program

April: Wells Fargo Financial Literacy

April is National Financial Literacy Month! Wells Fargo is focused on the Financial Literacy Initiative which will provide girls the resources and knowledge on how to set goals and become financially responsible when earning and managing money. Wells Fargo understands the importance of financial education for girls who will become productive citizens and contribute to the economy.

Wells Fargo Financial Literacy Program