High Adventure Team (HAT)

The High Adventure Team (HAT) is an interest group for girls that would like to expand their Girl Scout experience by participating in an outdoor activity focused, girl-led group for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. Examples of HAT activities consist, but not limited to: mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, ziplining and more. 

High Adventure Activities Policy

High Adventure Team Strategic Plan


HAT Leadership teams will consists of 2 or more adult volunteers in each area of Girl Scouts of Central Texas. These volunteers are responsible for aiding girls through the planning and leading process in each area. The volunteers will serve year-long terms with the option of renewing their volunteer positions every January. 


All registered Girl Scouts who wish to be apart of HAT must apply by filling out an application. No girl will be denied HAT membership under any circumstances according to disabilities they may have. Applications are evaluated on a case by case basis and are meant to ensure that each girl has a real desire to be on HAT. 


There is no limit to the amount of girls that are able to participate in HAT, members are encouraged to recruit friends, relatives or anyone that might be interested in joining HAT meetings.


Team meetings will occur monthly and should be planned by HAT members. Team meetings should consists of some kind of team building activity that will challenge the girls to rely on each other for support.

Social Media

HAT members are encouraged to send pictures of their meetings or outdoor adventure that they have to the Outdoor Program Specialist and will be required to send at least four blog entries a year to be featured on the Girl Scout blog site.

Membership Application

Every member of HAT is required to be a member of Girl Scouts and must fill out an application in order to be approved to be in HAT. Each adult that would like to volunteer with HAT must fill out the Adult Volunteer Application and must be a registered Girl Scout. 

Equipment Rental

Girls in HAT have access to the Gear shed at the Kodosky Service Center at no charge. All rental fees are waived for any member of HAT with proof of membership. Backpacks, tents, stoves, lamps and other items are also available for rent. Girls must provide a three week notice to countil if they plan on using equipment. To reserve equipment click here and send to JessicaN@gsctx.org

Money Earning

As members of HAT, girls are able to earn money specifically for HAT activities. A troop number is assigned to HAT and all funds are under that troop number and used only for HAT programs.