Journeys can be done in lots of different ways!

Weekend- Girls work through the first two awards in the Journey in a weekend. The third award, the Take Action Project (TAP) cannot be completed in the weekend. Weekend Journey guides are listed below.

Series- Girls work through the Journey in fewer sessions than the sample sessions listed in the Journey guide. Often, the TAP is not completed during the series.

Troop Meetings- Girls go through one or two Sample Sessions from the Journey Guide per troop meeting.

Service Learning- This format is designed for older girls and encourages them to get to the root cause of an issue. It does not complete the TAP or all the awards associated with Journey.

Journeys and Skill Builders together- The skill builder badges in the GG2GS each correlate to a Journey. Throw in a badge session while the girls are completing a Journey to mix things up!

*Don't forget to leverage Program Aides and/or Volunteers-in-Training to help younger girls through Journeys and skill builder badges.



Daisy Flower Garden Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Daisies

Between Earth and Sky Healthy Habits

Entre la Tierra y el Cielo con Hábitos Saludables



















Brownie Quest via STEM

Brownie WOW Journey Day

WOW Healthy Habits

¡WOW! Maravillas del Agua con Hábitos Saludables



















Get Moving

STEM Series Turnkey

Healthy Habits


¡En movimiento! con Hábitos Saludables


aMUSE in a Weekend

Geocacher badge via STEM

Agent of Change

Agent of Change Journey Weekend

Digital Photography badge via STEM














Breathe Journey Series Outline (9 sessions)

Breathe Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Cadettes)

Breathe Journey in a Weekend

STEM Series Turnkey  


MEdia Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Cadettes)


aMAZE! Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Cadettes)

aMAZE Weekend





GIRLtopia Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Seniors)

GIRLtopia in a weekend

Sow What

Sow What Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Seniors)

Sow What in a weekend

Service Learning Sow What

Mission: Sisterhood

Mission Sisterhood Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Seniors)

Mission Sisterhood in a weekend



 Your Voice, Your World

The Power of Advocacy (year outline for guiding Ambassadors)

Your Voice, Your World Weekend Guide

Your Voice Outline for 7 Sessions


Service Learning for Justice (6 sessions)

Justice Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Ambassadors

Justice Weekend (7 sessions)


Bliss Meeting Plans (year outline for guiding Ambassadors)

Bliss Journey Weekend