Leadership Experience

Girl Scouts is in the business of growing purposeful leaders. We are the only youth organization to offer the Leadership Experience, which gives girls the opportunity to develop a strong sense of self and a personalized leadership style. 

Three Keys to Leadership 

  • Discover: Girls understand themselves and their values and use their knowledge and skills to explore the world around them.
  • Connect: Girls care about, inspire, and team with others locally and globally.
  • Take Action: Girls act to make the world a better place.

All experiences in Girl Scouting incorporate the Discover, Connect, and Take Action keys to leadership. Girl Scout experiences are also, as much as possible, girl led and encourage learning by doing (experiential learning), and cooperative learning. These three processes promote the fun and friendship that have always been so integral to Girl Scouting.

Our Program Focus Areas

  • Green: GSCTX continues to focus on providing programs that teach our girls to be responsible stewards of the environment. A variety of engaging green programs are offered, such as Planting Our Future, Farm to Table Series, service projects in local parks and conservation education.
  • Stem: STEM programs motivate girls to take an early interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We offer a selection of diverse programs tied to the GSUSA national Program Portfolio, special interest events and gorups unique to GSCTX. Robotic Teams, STEM Fest and career exploration days inspire girls to tackle tomorrow's technology opportunities and challenges. Through our exciting STEM offerings, girls can earn technology-related Badges at the Microsoft store, learn about Entomology at Zilker Park, discover the physics of flight, check out TechBridge kits and more! 
  • Creative: GSCTX offers programs in the arts through collabopration with our Community Partners such as Ballet Austin, Michael's, Unity Theatre, Kappa Delta, Tarelton State University, Cinergy Theaters and a large number of small creative businesses.
  • Traditions: GSCTX girls continue the tradition for chaning the world by making a difference in their communities. Girls have the opportunity to earn high awards such as Gold, Silver and Bronze. These awards require many hours of planning and extensive take action projects that will have a lasting, lifelong impact on the girls who work so hard to earn them. Financial Literacy is also apart of the GSCTX program portfolio. Wells Fargo has collaborated with GSCTX to offer a Financial Literacy Patch Program. Both Wells Fargo and GSCTX understand the importance of financial education for girls as this is a large part of becoming successful adults and leaders. 
    Xtreme: Outdoor programs help develop our adventurous girls into independent and strong young women. High adventure seekers enjoy programs such as zip lining, backpacking, wilderness first aid, surfing and sailing. Girl adventures continue through one of the program pathways, travel and destinations. Girls travel the world visiting places such as Iceland, London and Costa Rica. Our girls work with children, the environment and participate in service projects in the communities they visit, truly making the world a better place. GSCTX is the second council in the nation in producing the highest number of girls who participate in destinations.