Junior Aide award

Juniors can earn a Junior Aide award by making and completing a plan to guide Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, or bridging Brownies on one of their journeys. You will also learn more about yourself as you become a role model and mentor younger Girl Scouts. Follow these three steps to earn the award:

  • Step 1: Talk with the person helping you in Girl Scouting about becoming a Junior Aide. With their help, find a group of Girl Scout Daisies or Brownies you can work with. 
  • Step 2: Talk to the adult volunteer of the group of younger Girl Scouts. Find out what you can do to help. Arrange with the adult volunteer the times, dates, and places that you will get together with the younger girls. Discuss with her the activities you would like to help with for at least three meetings. 
  • Step 3: Go! Meet with the younger girls. Partner with an adult volunteer to guide the activities you chose. Keep a log of your volunteer time using the Junior Aide Award paperwork.


Leader in action award 

Cadettes can earn a Leader in Action (LiA) award by assisting a Brownie group on any of their National Leadership Journeys. There are three different LiA awards, one for each of the Journey series: It's Your World - Change It!It's Your Planet - Love it!, and It's Your Story - Tell It!. To earn an LiA award, you'll share your organizational skills, teach Brownies something important from their Journey, and reflect on your experience. For more information about each LiA, network with the adult volunteers guiding Brownie groups. Complete requirements can be found in their Brownie Leadership Journey adult guides.


Teen Mentor Awards

Girl Scouts of Central Texas has exciting news! All materials for Program Aide Training for Program Aides (PA)s and Volunteer-in-Training (VIT) are now available online! We know our older Girl Scouts have full schedules and we’re thrilled to offer girls the opportunity to pursue these leadership opportunities at their own pace. PA and VIT candidates will no longer struggle to fit a council-scheduled training date into their plans. Girl Scouts now have the flexibility to complete the training on their own schedule. If desired, troops or service units may choose to offer this training at a time and location most convenient to everyone

The completion form is available online. These developing leaders will be responsible for tracking their progress as PAs and VITs and may coordinate these efforts with their respective troop leaders and service unit leaders. Upon completion of the required steps, the PA or VIT Completion Form must be completed by the PA/VIT. This form should be emailed to Programs@gsctx.org. Council staff will sign and return the form, which can then be taken to the GSCTX shop to purchase the pin.

Pins can be purchased through the shop upon submission of PA or VIT Completion Form. Girls should be recognized at a troop or service unit recognition event.

This new procedure is designed to promote responsibility and accountability and to make the Girl Scout Leadership Experience even more accessible to every girl.

Cadette program aide award

As a program aide, you will have the opportunity to work directly with younger girls. An adult volunteer or staff member will supervise you as you share your experience and develop your leadership skills. To earn a Cadette Program Aide award, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Earn one Leader in Action (LiA) award. 
  • Step 2: Complete Program Aide training. Part of your leadership course training will involve learning to work with children and gaining a deeper understanding of a speciality such as science, art, the outdoors, or adapting activities for girls with disabilities. Training materials are provided below and can be facilitated by any Girl Scout volunteer.
  • Step 3: Use your knowledge to work directly with younger girls over six activity sessions. This might include assisting girls on Journey activities (in addition to what you did to earn the LiA award), badge activities, working with a group at their meetings, at a day camp, or during a special council event. 
  • Step 4: After completing steps one, two and three, the Cadette Girl Scout will be eligible to earn the Program Aide pin! Be sure to fill out the Program Aide Completion Form below!
  • Step 5: Following completion of the Program Aide Form, please submit to your nearest program center shop and purchase the Program Aide Pin. 

PA Trainer Manual

PA Completion Sheet


This award is for girls who would like to mentor a Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior or Cadette group outside of the camp experience. If you have completed ninth grade, you're eligible to earn this award. Your VIT project should span a three-to-six month period.  

  • Step 1: Find a mentor volunteer who is currently the adult volunteer for a group of girls at the level you would like to work with. This volunteer will help you through your training and internship, and you'll help the volunteer with her group of girls for the three-to-six month period.
  • Step 2: Complete a VIT Training Course. Training materials are provided below and can be facilitated by any Girl Scout volunteer.
  • Step 3: Create and implement a thoughtful program based on a Journey or badge that lasts over four or more sessions. Be responsible for designing, planning, and evaluating activities. If you're passionate about a topic like art or technology, you could design the activites around the area you love or in which you have expertise.

VIT Trainer Manual

VIT Leadership Journal

VIT Completion Sheet

The silver, silver and gold, and gold torch awards

As a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, you are eligible to earn a total of three Torch awards - Cadettes earn the Silver Torch award, Seniors earn the Silver and Gold Torch award, and Ambassadors earn the Gold Torch award. The award recognizes Girl Scouts who act as leaders in their communities. 

For more information on these awards, please refer to the Silver & Gold Torch Award Application.

Community Service Bars

As a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, you are eligible to earn a total of three Community Service bars. When you earn the Community Service bar, you are making a difference in your community. To earn the bar, first choose an organization you'd like to volunteer with and schedule a time to meet with them, ensuring what you have to offer is a good fit.  Your council needs to approve your service, so check with them before you begin. Once you've chosen an organization, you'll need to dedicate at least 20 hours to earn the bar. These hours must be separate from hours earned towards other awards.

For more information on this award and to get your bar, please use the Community Service Bar Form.

service to Girl scouting BARS

As a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, you are eligible to earn a total of three Service to Girl Scouting bars. If you choose to volunteer at least 20 hours to Girl Scouts, you can earn the Service to Girl Scouting bar. You can volunteer your time at a special event for younger girls, be an office assistant for GSCTX or your service unit, or help with special projects.

For more information on this award and to get your bar, please use the Service to Girl Scouting Bar Form

Presidential volunteer Service Award

This award recognizes Girl Scouts for their community service efforts over a 12-month period. It is a Presidential honor, initiated by President Bush in 2003, to recognize the valuable contributions of volunteers across the nation that serve others through their volunteer activities. As a certifying organization, GSCTX will identify eligible Girl Scout recipients, verify their service hours and distribute the award to outstanding volunteers. Please fill out the Volunteer Service Award Log form and return to GSCTX. For more information click here.