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Creating a flyer or poster for your next event? Designing a t-shirt for your Troop or Service Unit? Below are some resources – logos, fonts, and more – that you can use to make your materials look fantastic and on trend with our beloved Girl Scout brand.

Please note that any publicly visible materials that use the Girl Scouts of Central Texas name, logo, fonts, or any other branding MUST follow GSUSA branding guidelines AND be sent to for approval. Please allow one week between when you send in the materials and when you need final approval.

Any money-earning projects using Girl Scout–branded materials must also go through a licensed vendor. (Contact us for details.)

Please also contact us at the above address if there are any further resources you need!

Girl Scout graphics:
  • GSCTX stationery: Great for printing flyers or correspondence! Comes in "G.I.R.L." and "Have the Adventure of Your Life" versions.
  • Recruitment cards for volunteers: Print onto perforated business card sheets and give to people you're trying to recruit to join Girl Scouts
  • Recruitment invitations for girls: Print out these cute invites for your Girl Scout to give to any friends she wants to invite to join her troop!
  • Recruitment flyers: Print these flyers to recruit new Girl Scouts, and troop leaders.

Download and use the following images for any materials you and your troop create!  Right click on the image and choose "Save Picture As" to save it to your computer.