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Fall Products

Troop Fall Product Manager End of Sale Survey

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Did you miss this year’s cookie sale? Are you craving some Girl Scout sweets and can’t wait until January? Have no fear- Girl Scout Fall Products are here! The Girl Scout Fall Product Sale happens the first week in October for girls to sell delicious nuts, candies and magazine subscriptions. The sale helps troops get a head start on funding all the exciting adventures they will take over the course of the year. The sale also fosters important lessons in goal setting, planning, teamwork, responsibility, financial literacy and communication.

We’re gearing up for the 2015 Fall Products Sale! The Nut and Candy Sale will take place October 1-12, 2015. Online Nut, Candy, and Magazine Sale will take place October 1-31, 2015.

Fill out your Troop's ACH for 2015-2016 Product Sales here at our online form (no more paper!). Troops must still provide a screen shot or electronic copy of a check or bank statement with full account and routing number.

Did you know?
Troops keep 35% of the proceeds they earn from selling nuts and candy and $2 for each magazine subscription ordered. You can show your support for Girl Scouts of Central Texas by renewing your current magazine subscriptions, ordering a new magazine or giving gift subscriptions to friends, relatives or business associates!

Fun Activities for Girls
Play fun games on the Ashdon Farms/QSP activity website!

Parent and Girl Resources 

Troops will meet with parents and girls about fall sale in September.

Have some questions? Here is the 2015 Parent Guide for Fall Products. You can download the order card with nut and candy items and rewards.

Online Sales

First, come back in October to set up your Girl Scout’s online account.
Then, let your Girl Scout personalize her page and create her very own patch.

Troop Resources

Troop trainings for Fall Sale will occur between August and September. The following materials are for the Troop Fall Product Manager.

NOTE: Passwords for nut-e are given to Troops once they have been trained by the Service Unit Fall Products Manager