Uniquely Targeted Troops

Making Girl Scouting Available to Every Girl, Everywhere

Many girls are not able to participate in traditional, volunteer-led troops due to various geographic, socioeconomic and emotional challenges. These girls are provided with the Girl Scout Leadership experience delivered to meet their specific needs. A troop offers girls the opportunity to work with the same group of girls in their own grade level, usually over a span of nine to twelve months, in partnership with two or more appointed adult advisors.

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Junvenile Justice Initiative 

Girl Scout Beyond Bars: Troop 1500 seeks to break the cycle of intergenerational crime by delivering Girl Scout activities to the daughters of incarcerated mothers. Working with the YWCA, Crime Prevention Institute, and the University of Texas School of Social Work, activities are designed to build self-esteem and increase independent thinking. Learn more.

Transitions: This program contributes to the healthy transition of juvenile girls in Gardner Betts residential detention facility back to society. Transitions provides girls with mentors and the benefits of Girl Scouting through troop meetings to reduce their chance of recidivism. This program is a partnership with Travis County Juvenile Probation and the Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center.

Shelter Initiative 

Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA): This program brings Girl Scouting to the Austin Housing Authority sites. Girls learn more about positive values, healthy relationships and practical life skills in order to help them reach their full potential.

Safeplace: Representatives from the council visit both the emergency shelter as well as the supportive housing to provide programs that focus on social skills, trust building and healthy relationships. Safe Place is a center for battered women where women and children reside temporarily.

Settlement Home: Girl Scouts offers emotionally troubled girl's positive adult role models and enriching experiences that help build self worth. The Settlement Home provides residential treatment and therapeutic foster care.

Tech Girls 

Tech Girls is a weekly after-school program for middle school girls from economically disadvantaged and ethnically diverse populations in Central Texas. It is designed to increase participants' awareness of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and career choices and to encourage selection of STEM electives in school and in higher education. For more on the GSCTX STEM initiative, click here.