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Bridging ceremony at Sacred Heart

My Promise, My Faith

Girl Scouts has always provided many opportunities for girls to grow in their respective religious faiths, and each girl is encouraged to develop her own strong values within the context of family, faith and the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Girl Scouts is, and will remain, a secular organization. However, in the spirit of building girls of courage, confidence, and character, it also encourages girls to take spiritual journeys via their faith’s religious recognitions.

The My Promise, My Faith pin is an award found within each grade level’s edition of Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Earning this award helps girls explore how Girl Scouting and their faith offer similar ideas about how to interact with the world around them—and how Girl Scouting can tie into their faiths.

At Girl Scouts of Central Texas, we partner with different religious organizations that wish to form troops in order to strengthen the values and teachings they offer their girls. For example, Sacred Heart Parish has a multi-aged troop of 70 girls that began in 2013. It has flourished and has given GSCTX and the Austin Diocese the momentum to reach out to more churches to begin their own Girl Scouting experience.

Faith-Based Programs