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Camp and Outdoors


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View the Outdoor Progression chart for tips & ideas to challenge yourself in the Outdoors!

It’s time to try something new…

There’s so much to do, see, and explore with the GSCTX Outdoors Program.

You are strong, fierce and fearless. So get out there, dig in, and have the adventure of a lifetime. Feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you soar among the canopies on a zipline. Go sky high, literally, and experience an epic adrenaline rush as you dive thousands of feet from the air while skydiving. Explore life underwater and learn how YOU can help protect the ocean when you go scuba diving. Test your strength and discover the warrior within when you conquer rock climbing.

There are so many opportunities for adventure with GSCTX Outdoors. What will yours be?


Within the heart of every Girl Scout is the desire to discover and explore her world. At Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Outdoor Adventures challenge girls to become future leaders who are adaptable and experienced, and who explore the great outdoors and beyond.

Outdoor Adventures Progression Patch

Want to embrace the outdoors with your troop but not sure where to start? The Outdoor Progression Patch (shown above) will walk you through the steps to leading your troop to outdoor success. Join the single match club, learn survival skills, go from “glamper” to backpacker – seven levels will keep you and your troop busy learning and becoming Masters of the Outdoors.

Download the full curriculum here, or click on the menu below to learn about each level of the patch.

Level 1: Fire Starter

Start your outdoor adventure by learning the basics of how to take care of yourself and the environment when you're exploring the outdoors, preparing a snack without a fire, tying basic knots, making a sit-upon, hiking a local park, caring for a scraped knee, and more.

Level 2: Nature Novice

Start to deepen your outdoor skills by preparing a one-pot meal, learning how to dispose waste properly, recognize what wood to collect for fires, care for bites and burns, take a night hike and creek walk, sleep outside for two nights, participate in a flag ceremony, and more.

Level 3: Adventurer

Dig further into your outdoors education by learning how to find safe drinking water, make a foil dinner, learn to sharpen and whittle with a knife, make and use fire starters, canoe or kayak on a lake, use a compass and map, make a SWAP, and more.

Level 4: Intermediate Camper

This patch marks the halfway point of your Outdoor Progression. Help put up a tent, boil water for safe drinking, learn all about archery, create a first aid kit for your troop, learn semaphore, use trail markers on a hike, identify animal tracks, plan an overnight campout, and more!

Level 5: Outdoor Explorer

Start to show your outdoor independence at this level: rig a tarp; learn to whip, splice, and lash with a rope; use a topographical map; make and cook with a reflective fire; teach younger girls basic first aid; read basic weather patterns; make an outdoor game; go on a summer campout; and more.

Level 6: Expert Camper

By this level, you're starting to feel like an expert outdoorswoman! Organize a campout with your group; make a paracord bracelet and learn how to use it; whittle a walking stick; complete a CPR course; try a zip line or high ropes course; participate in Sasquatch Dash; learn about winter camping and how to deal with potentially dangerous animals; create and perform a campfire skit; and more.

Level 7: Master of the Outdoors

Get ready, world: Master of the Outdoors coming through! In the final installment of this progressive patch series, make an emergency shelter and sleep in it overnight; lash a camp project; improve your archery skills; start a fire without matches; learn what to do in a natural disaster; take the American Red Cross small craft course; survey the birds in your backyard; help a younger troop earn a level in the Outdoor Progression Patch program; and more.

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While you're earning your Outdoor Adventures Progression Patch, we have even more outdoor exploration waiting just outside your door!

Intrepid Journey Program

Pack your bags for a grand outdoor journey! The Intrepid Journey program was started here at Girl Scouts of Central Texas in 2014, and is designed just for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors.

Undertake your own intrepid journey: plan an expedition to a place you choose, research the environmental issues there, learn how to live responsibly in the wild, create your own notebook of what you find there. As you go through the steps of this journey, you'll become a real expert on your location. Show your true outdoor spirit by earning all three levels of the Journey: Terra, Alea, and Indagatrix.

Sleep outside under the stars, climb the tallest mountain, and explore your world with Girl Scouts on this one-of-a-kind Journey created by and for Girl Scouts looking for adventure of all kinds.

Outdoor Series
Backcountry Camps Ignite your inner wild by taking a step into the backcountry with only what you have on your back. Maybe you’ll see a bear, a shooting star, or a 50-foot waterfall. Whitewater raft, rock climb, and experience the outdoors like you never have before at this one-of-a-kind summer camp.
Explore Texas Within its five ecosystems, Texas has so much beauty and nature exploration to offer. Let’s go explore the mountains in west Texas, the beach, the plains, and even the forests! For shorter trips, the Explore Texas series allows girls to see new parts of the great state they call home.

Parents, enjoy your extra free time! Girl Scouts is known for developing courage, confidence, and character in girls – and to better serve our girls we provide all of the trained and qualified volunteers on our treks. These independent experiences allow girls to try new things, meet new people, and have a valuable leadership experience. Parents are allowed to go on treks as volunteers but are not allowed to attend with their child. Please email if you have any questions about the volunteers leading each trek.

High Adventure Team


High Adventure Team (HAT) is a troop designed for Girl Scouts who want to get outside. Want to join a HAT troop? Look below for a list of outdoor-focused troops to find one near you! Want to start your own HAT troop? Email for more information.

Are you a leader of an outdoor-focused interest group? Fill out this form to get your name on the list. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Current Active HAT Troops
Name Contact information Location Accepting new members
Midtown Adrenaline Junkies Steph Driggers
(512) 914-9280
Midtown Service Unit, North Central Austin Yes
Central Bell Service Unit HAT Diana Wilbert
(254) 541-1755
Central Bell Service Unit, Temple and Belton Area Yes
Troop 1067 Karen Miller
(512) 454-1687
Midtown Service Unit, North Central Austin Yes
Troop 1510 Juliee Beyt
Midtown Service Unit, North Central Austin No
InTents Elizabeth Poprik
(979) 690-3942
Bryan/College Station Yes


Other Outdoor Events

Girl Scouts Outdoor Adventures works hard to bring opportunities to girls all over the Council with one-of-a-kind programs specifically for Girl Scouts. Check out the following for a few programs offered year-round. There are many other programs not listed here that you can find on the GSCTX Events Calendar to register for through Ebiz.

Name Level Description
High Adventure Outdoor Trips CSA Get lost in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, whitewater raft the Poudre, backpack thru the Shenandoah mountains, camp in the Red Wood Forest, see the West Coast, or enjoy taking a stroll through the mountain town of Estes Park. Pick which trip interests you!
Adopt a Creek – St Edwards Park All Ages Help keep Zilker Cabin in the family. Come out and help clean up the creek and learn a little bit about the St. Edwards Aquifer.
Rock Climbing JCSA Spend time with experienced, local guides that know how to make sure you gain the most from a rock climbing experience.
Scuba Dive JCSA Discover Scuba diving! You will start what can easily become a lifelong activity to share with your family and friends.  Your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) professionals will guide you through sessions on scuba diving safety then into the pool to scuba dive, play underwater games and experience the fun and excitement diving. Carry on this knowledge to Scuba trips!
Cast Iron Cook-off CSA Your troop has been known to cook a mean cobbler in a dutch oven, and you’ve found yourself cooking for your service unit campouts. Come show off your mad skills at the Cook Off and show other Girl Scouts how it’s done! Area-specific competitions will appoint the first-place winner to represent them in the Council-Wide Cast Iron Cook Off Competition.

Do you love the wind and the water? Are you ready for adventure? Mariners is for you!

Gear Rental

Gear is available for rent at the Kodosky Service Center in Austin. Check out a backpack, camp stoves, archery equipment, and more!

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Are you new to hiking and camping? Maybe a little nervous about taking girls on an outdoor journey for the first time? Don't worry! These videos from GSUSA will help you prepare for a fun, safe adventure with your girls. (And be sure to read our Safety Checkpoints for specific safety guidelines on everything from archery to whitewater rafting.)

Step by Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
Taking the Journeys Outside
Planning Your Troop's First Campout
Introduction to Campsite Set-up
Introduction to Cooking Outdoors
How to Leave No Trace Outdoors
Outdoor Songs and Games
Introduction to Fire Building