Volunteer Essentials

Girl Scouts of THE USA training plan:

Seeks to develop learning opportunities that focus the volunteers on helping girls achieve the fifteen national outcomes, and respects volunteers’ limited time by reducing the number of required learning modules, and encourages continuous learning.


Volunteer Essentials is specific for each council and encourages ongoing learning, is easy to follow and comprehensive. Read what you need now, and come back to it when you’re ready for more. The titles below serve as links to chapter PDFs.

Table of Contents

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We are Girl Scouts
Who Can Join Girl Scouts- and How?
Girl Scouts' Organizational Structure
Getting Started with the National Leadership Program through Journeys
Planning in a Girl-Led Environment
Meeting with Girls for the First Time
Using Safety Activity Checkpoints
Understanding How Many Volunteers You Need
Following the Girl Scouts Safety Guidelines

Chapter 1
Sharing Your Unique Gifts

Understanding Your Role as a Girl Scout Volunteer
          Your Responsibilities
          Your Volunteer Support Team
Taking Advantage of Learning Opportunities
Knowing How Much You're Appreciated

Girl Scouting as a national experience

What Girl Scouting Does for Girls
To Get Her There
Fun with Purpose
The National Program Portfolio
          National Leadership Journeys
         The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and National Proficiency Badges
Putting It All Together
Emblems and Patches
Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards
Other Initiatives and Opportunities
Girl Scout Traditions and Celebrations
          Girl Scout Calendar
          Time-Honored Ceremonies
          Signs, Songs, Handshake, and More! 

Engaging girls at all Grade levels

Arranging a Time and Space for Girl-Led Meetings
Understanding Healthy Development in Girls
Creating a Safe Space for Girls
          Recognizing and Supporting Each Girl
          Promoting Fairness
          Managing Conflict
          Inspiring Open Communication
          Working with Parents and Guardians
Creating an Atmosphere of Acceptance and Inclusion 


Knowing Your Responsibilities
          Responsibilities of the Volunteer: Girl Scout Safety Guidelines
          Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians
          Responsibilities of the Girls
Knowing How Many Volunteers You Need
Transporting Girls
         Checklist for Drivers
Approaching Activities
          Health Histories (including Examinations and Immunizations)
          Girl Scout Activity Insurance
Providing Emergency Care
          Procedure for Accidents 

Chapter 5
managing group finances

Establishing an AccountMoney-Earning Basics
Understanding the Girl Scout Cookie Program
          Your Council's Role 
          Knowing Where Proceeds Go
          Safely Selling Girl Scout Cookies Booths
          Using Online Resources to Market Cookies and Other Products
Additional Group Money-Earning Activities
Collaborating with Sponsors and Other Orgranizations
          Helping Girls Reach Their Financial Goals
           Reviewing Financial and Sales Abilities by Grade Level  

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Forming a Troop Committee
Holding Troop Meetings
          Letting Girls Lead
Looking at a Sample Troop Year
Reengaging Girls

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Traveling with Girls
          Using Journey and The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting in Their Travels
          Seeking Council Permission
          Involving Chaperones
          Letting Girls Lead
          Staying Safe During the Trip
          Reengaging Girls

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